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  1. Vogue_1983.
    Wishing timeloops existed
  2. DearlittleMaria
    hello everyone if you are ever in a dark place reach out to me I am here for you all.
  3. Dana
    Finally faced the hard part
  4. shawnee
    Last fall I dropped my daughter off at college, 3 days later she was suddenly, tragically killed. I’m pregnant with a girl, reincarnated??
    1. Ophelia3
      Pm’d You.
      Sep 13, 2019
  5. shawnee
    Hello everyone,
    1. KenJ
      Hi, your original post is both sad and hopeful. What do you think is going on with this pregnancy? Have you been told something? Start a new thread or find a related one, and tell us more.
      Sep 14, 2019 at 8:19 PM
    2. KenJ
      Hi Shawnee, that was a heavy introduction you posted. Tell us more, what led you to that conclusion?
      Sep 14, 2019 at 8:24 PM
  6. Dean
    Always here, always traveling, always.
  7. chief1734
  8. AlexD
    In somnul calm al nestiutorilor se vaita sufletele blestematilor, ce ca lacrimi rosii se scurg din cupa ratiunii.
  9. Ophelia3
    First new Avatar yay!!! I actually love this painting!!!
    1. Eva1942
      That’s a common painting. I’ve seen many different versions. About half a dozen actually.
      Aug 23, 2019
    2. Ophelia3
      Really!? It brings a common Amarna scene to life. It’s really good.
      Aug 24, 2019
    3. Eva1942
      Yes. I have three different versions of the painting.
      Aug 24, 2019
  10. Femmedaupin
    I’m an American girl now yet I think I was a French little prince in my last life?
  11. Gladys Swedak
    Gladys Swedak
    Had a bad experience today. A prop plane came over and I wondered where this bomb was going to drop. Wish I knew more about this life.
  12. YouAgain
    I’m sorry, I’m only just seeing this now. I seldom come to this site. Message me here if you like. I’ll check in more often.
  13. My_Sun
    My_Sun YouAgain
    How can i contact you ?
  14. My_Sun
    I know it must be annoying to see such a post, but Romanovs? Talk to me please. I just want to listen.
  15. Yulee
    Looking for something or, someone I love I just can't remember my name. :(
  16. Mae
    Really don't know what this means, but the way I explain it to most is that my spirit feels much older than my physical body.
  17. BellonaStrandt
  18. WhiteRose
    Anyone have any tricks or techniques to remember past lives thanks
  19. Vogue_1983.
    Seems like my posts don't show up anymore :/kinda sucks since I'm trying to get an answer on my questions
    1. KenJ
      Perhaps your comments were in a thread that was moved for review of something someone else posted.
      Aug 8, 2019
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  20. Mo Mouri
    Mo Mouri jun_bi_ga_ya
    Hallo Jun.
    Please I want to talk with you.
    Maybe with social media.
    I had read your comment.
    And am interested in your want of becoming a manga artist.
    Come, we can maybe work together first via Internet and then maybe about 9 to 10 years in real live.
    Thank you.