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Discussion in 'Reincarnation, Religion and Spirituality' started by Tinkerman, Aug 23, 2012.

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    I began this thread in response to the Lourdes thread above, but realized I might be getting off Kristopher's original topic, so I'll plant it here... for what it may be worth.

    I was in Lourdes once. Inside the gates it was an amazing sacred place. We participated in a candle procession one night that was truly a spiritual affair. Outside the gates... well that was THE most disgusting display of commercialism I've ever seen. A revolting circus of greed and mawkish nonsense!

    I think that any spiritual person would find the grotto of Lourdes a sacred place. Sure the Roman Catholic church likes to "own" it, but that's their problem... and not the least of my concern. The foolishness of ALL organized institutions of religion is simply pompous arrogance. The day we lay aside these silly, SILLY, ideas is the day peace and joy will return to us. Lourdes is a wonderful place of peace. I am Catholic by the tribe to which I was born and live. But I spit on the ignorance!:eek: My dear friend C is a pagan who has a remarkable and beautiful view of Mary, Mother Earth and the divine feminine... Lourdes would be totally up her alley.

    In regard to healings and wheel chairs... I saw them all. I was touched by the sight. I do not judge them or try to make sense of it, but instead I stand in wonder at the mystery. And I think if we do this: simply stand in wonder and non-judgement, at the mysteries of life, including the silly organized churches, we in our personal journeys will deepen the wisdom of our soul. I am just as apt to sit in front of Buddha in meditation, dance to the drum of Lakota medicine men, bow to the floor in prayer in a Mosque, warm my hands on a Beltain fire, wave my hands with ferver at Pentecostal revival, hug my Cottonwood tree, and read the I Ching.... (whew: angel) as I am to recieve communion in my own church. To me... TO ME, by reaching my hands of mercy, compassion and love out to the faiths of all people I am in communion with the Great Creator. Judgement and condemnation are not mine to give.

    I must add that one of the greatest revelations in my journey with an open mind has been reincarnation. The movement, incarnation, and experience of the soul is much, much more than what our earthly and mortal minds can comprehend. But by simply sitting in mindful wonder of it all, certain truths will begin to wick their way out of the cosmos and into our hearts.

    It is a wonderful creation!

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    That was a wonderful observation and a well expressed understanding. I believe you speak for a huge number of people who could not have pulled all of those thoughts together in one cogent comment. Thank you!
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    I agree. Great post, Tinkerman! :)
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    Once again, Tinkerman, you have taken the words out of my mouth and the thoughts out of my mind!

    From one "weaver of words" to another, your post brought together diverse words that so well expressed my feelings!

    As usual, an excellent post! :thumbsup:
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    I can only agree with that. I was in Lourdes a few years ago, and once I was walking alongside the grotto, I could feel a very special atmosphere, sacred indeed. I got emotional inside, tears came to my eyes, and I had a tingling feeling inside me. At that moment I was wondering if this was really because there was something sacred about the place, or because of the spiritual imprint from all the people who visited that place. For a short while, I felt sad when I had to leave the grotto.

    But at the entire place inside the gates, I had an overwhelming feeling of being ONE with all those other people there, a shared reaching out to the Divine.

    And, as Tinkerman said, the contrast with the commercial environment is huge. Although, I was amazed that in one of the shops I saw a silver (Egyptian) Ankh cross (which I bought ! :) )

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