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    I've heard that handwriting features are very similar in this life and previouse life.
    Are there research from that point of view ?
    Ian Stevenson had examined thousands cases and many cases were monitored during tens years periods, but i don't know if they examined handwriting and may be linguistic similarity (way of thinking and building of phrases)
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    I have pretty much the same handwriting in my current life as in my previous life. The only difference is I was right handed in my last life and I'm left handed now, although I'm only left handed now in terms of writing. I do many things right handed such as eating in my current life ( and I can write with both hand's ). I do wonder if my natural inclination to think of myself as artistic comes from being left handed in my current life. It really was a shock to discover that reincarnation was real and that I wasn't an artist or a poet in my last life ( although I did write poetry back then too and it's similar in structure to my current life's poetics ). I also wrote a lot to my love in my last life just as I wrote a lot to the same reincarnated soul in my current life. I don't have a scanner so I can't show an example of my handwriting but writing in my current life was very important to me. I actually predicted how I would feel about my souls journey in my current life twenty years before I discovered reincarnation. In my experience writing is a tell tale sign of who a soul is.

    This is a link to some of my past life poetry:


    I died young in that life so I hadn't yet made the connection between love and damnation. At the time I thought they were two different and seperate aspects of me and what I manifested. My current life poetry speaks of love and war in the same breath. Maybe that comes from my last life when I was killed in a war mere months before I was due to be married.

    This is the kind of stuff I wrote currently as a teenager:

    Love Tides

    Natural fear

    Whose ear feeds a lie?
    With a weathered dance and tortured men
    they may yearn to leave their mother hen.
    Upswept eyes under a low flying circus,
    these men still dream of a forgotten nexus
    where they seem hollow, vacant
    and withheld of codes.
    The rising tides of mists grown old
    To adorn their time with a daydreamt lady
    their pain is sacred, tearful, unending.


    To free a feeling and let it rise
    amid the ruination of a forbidden mind
    no tinkle of ivories will allow
    an emotion unbearable,
    set in stone.
    A love that shears, a laugh gone wrong.
    A thin red line
    when their heart perspires.
    A lack of love
    with hot ash amongst sedation, a black hell fired.



    I hadn't read that poem in years. It's funny that it pairs love with damnation. That's exactly how things transpired with my last life fiance in my current life. I think writing and handwriting is a tell tale sign of who a person has been, particularly poetry. The subconcious seems to be very much aware of a souls narrative, moreso than the concious mind is. When the soul speaks it is the same soul and I think that shines through the fog of forgetfulness.

    I guess it's understandable that I didn't pair love with war until my current life. I didn't go to war for the love of a woman until then. My past life poetry reminds me of simpler times with women.
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    I've done some research on this, comparing current handwriting of a person with their past lives' handwriting, and yes, I've found the similarities are quite striking, but not always it is a similarity in morphology that is clearly seen by normal people. This must be studied by a graphologist. It also depends on how much someone's personality has evolved. It's not as easy as saying "the same soul writes the same way", as the way you write can change even with your strength (different if you're a male or a female), your mood, even a physical illness.
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    If quality of penmanship is an indicator then either I'm a new soul or have been a primitive for most of my previous lives, never mastered that in this lifetime.
    I have frequently said that is why I got my doctorate, so that I had an excuse!:)

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