has any of you in any of your past lives faced paranormal

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    The Vampir is a Transylvanian archetype actually, but it's ancient, it had nothing to do with Dracula in the first place. I found some interesting iconography of transylvanian myths from an artist, online, you can take a look if you want http://www.transilvanicon.com/hyaena/tatomir_fall_vampir.htm
    So yeah the concept is not recent and predates the voivode. Rather, the association between him and vampirism is only to be attributed to Stoker's work, as Dracula was considered many things in Romania (heroic, devilish, just, evil,...), but never vampiric. It is plausible that Stoker was inspired by stories he heard about Dracula, and Countess Bathory as well, and decided to mix the historical figure with the old myth of the vampire. It wasn't a Romanian idea, anyway, given that the writer had never even been to Transylvania in his life.

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