The reincarnation of Jack the Ripper

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    Hello, my name is Tiago, I am 23 years old, I live in Brazil today, and the experiences that I am going to tell you, have to do with what has happened to me in the last few months and years, although the thing is much bigger than I imagined , so I decided to share my experiences on this site, because I know that there are people here in this same search for a more transcendent sense of life just like me, so please enjoy.

    Since I was a child, I had / have an EXTREMELY strong attachment to the number 8, exactly the same number as the year of the murders. I was conditioned as a child to play a sport that I liked a lot; football, which was a great anti-boredom in my life as a child, as I was always a very electric child, literally a little demon at home, but at school very well behaved and with excellent grades. In futsal or field football championships, I always wanted to wear shirt 8, because I always had this fascination for that number (If I didn't wear shirt 8, I would really be very frustrated and sad), in fact my favorite player of that time played with shirt 8, he was the Kaká player of the Brazilian national soccer team, including a childhood friend who gave me the nickname Kaká while I played football, because I really looked like him.

    After the whole phase of childhood and a bit of pre-adolescence, I entered high school at the age of 14 in 2011 (Yeah, I did a special type of test as a child, which made me pass an additional grade, because wanted to test the intelligence ability of certain children, out of 7, I was one of those who managed to pass the test), but unlike the normal school system in which we started in the 1st year and finished in the 3rd year of high school, I entered a 4-year Electrotechnical technical course. I was very influenced by friends of mine at that time trying to enter this course together with them, but apparently only I did it, because it was very popular at that time.

    Weeks before the crucial decision of the turning point of life that I was going to give myself, I wondered about my future and if it was really what I wanted in my life, because I was already saturated with everything, all the stress caused by it and dissatisfaction with everything helped me in making such an important decision, that I had no idea that I would have a direct connection with my future, so on 08/08/2013 I dropped out of the technical course in the third year, and well, yeah there that everything starts, until today. After all the post-decision stress, whether because of my family or friends, wondering if what I had done was right, I set out on a world of search for the meaning of my life, even though I didn't know much.

    In times of technical course, even studying and getting good grades, even after my performance has dropped a lot, I couldn't get a theme out of my head, which was: Extraterrestrial life. I still remember the work I gave to the philosophy professor on Plato's Myth of the cave, in which I tried to describe what it was like for a person who was inside the cave to leave it, and after leaving it to discover the existence of Extraterrestrial life in earth, after that go back to the cave to tell friends that they never left it, because of my way of expressing myself I got a very low note, which made me even more enraged, because he could not understand me, but I was very naive not to have noticed that someone like him was still inside the cave.

    So after 2 years of personal studies, friendships, experiences, experiences of all kinds you can imagine, on 11/28/2015 I decided to take another radical turn in my life; I decided that I would be a vegetarian, not just be, but understand what it is to be a vegetarian, because I had been studying spirituality, ufology for months (this in particular helped me a lot, as I had a lot of experiences in this area) and this collided head on with these two great subjects that didn't teach me back in school.

    In 6 months being a vegetarian, studying spirituality, having UFO experiences (UFO Study), I met a very special person, not to mention surreal, I met a 19 year old Japanese boy in an online game (which today doesn't exist anymore, but for those interested in knowing the name of the game was MiniMundos, and the original English version was SmallWorlds), he was not so aware of the totality of these UFO subjects at the time, but that the spiritual experiences he had and the knowledge I had it would help both of them on this journey towards the meaning of life, or in this case the meaning of who we are and where we are going.

    I will not go into so much detail about this friend of mine, because certain things are not important in my story, things that were specifically for me to know or for him to know. I met this friend of mine during this online game, we made a very fast friendship, even of great value to both, but after months he had to say goodbye to me, as he was going to return to Japan, but before that he left me enough information about a little of my future, of course in an indirect way, because not everything in this life is revealed to us before our intense spiritual preparation.

    2 months before I met my friend, I had started a spiritual work on myself, I had decided to start practicing meditation intensely every day, for a period of 3 years, to try to find the meaning for my existence, so if I don't achieve any results in that period, I would give up trying, but that is not what happened, in fact things only intensified more and more and became more and more intense.

    The things that this friend of mine said to me before he wasted are confirmed months or years later, not only that, these things continue to happen today, I feel connected with all that, which led me to the information about me being Jack the Ripper, and how did i find this out? well ... I met a person almost 1 year ago, about the same prophecy of my Japanese friend, who told me that I would meet people, but he didn't want to give me details at the time, despite all the experiences he showed me, I trusted what he said to me, so after meeting this other person (who is Brazilian), that person started to enter into spiritual contacts with spirits, and these spirits have been communicating with us both for months, revealing us a little at a time something about our previous lives, many of them we were together as a couple, and they highlighted one specifically where she and I were married in Ireland, after some time we discovered that our son who was a baby at that time in Ireland, was actually the spiritual mentor of my Japanese friend, whom I had also met when I met my Japanese friend. Then I discovered why I met my friend from Japan, the spirits sent him to help me in this spiritual awakening, which has been progressive until today. After several spiritual experiences between me and the person in question, I had again entered that state of questioning and dissatisfaction, including entering into direct discussion with that person, who told me the information that I later tried to understand.

    After a long debate about my life, this person said to me "You were already worse rubbish than that", so I asked her what she was trying to tell me, so she told me she would only reveal it the next day. The next day I did not forget what she had told me, so I questioned her again, and so she revealed my past life as Jack the Ripper, told me that she was in a spiritual experience, that she had questioned her spiritual mentor about a dream, a dream about a top hat, told him that he always dreamed of a top hat, but that he didn’t know what the meaning of that was, so her spiritual mentor said "Oh is that it? I’ll show you”. And then he started showing scenes of Doctor Francis Tumblety (The real Jack the Ripper) murdering women, and then he explained "This was your friend Tiago, you need to help him, because there is a risk that we will lose him". The spiritual mentor of this person was referring to my unsatisfaction with life, because I had been very disappointed again with everything, so after that more and more experiences happened, until I was finally able to speak with my spiritual mentor, who promised to show me more information about my possible past life. Before all this, I had never researched anything about Jack the Ripper, I didn’t know anything about this person, neither read nor watch videos, but what made me more sure were the coincidences, after I knew all this, I went ago looking for more information about the murders and I ended up meeting a writer named Michael Hawley who wrote a book called Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. Francis Tumblety, but that I haven't read yet, so I told him about the issue of the number 8 being so present in my life and he told me he was Francis Tumblety’s favorite number. Just as Francis Tumblety was Irish, one of my previous lives with the person who revealed this to me was also, I always had a great affinity with Irish culture, especially with the songs I called "elf songs", I liked and still I like it a lot, what gives me a little more hope is this, so I "conclude" this great little story with possibly later sequences, so that's it, thanks.

    - This is a summary of the experiences I have had over these 7 years, because I cannot say everything, because I would literally give a book of my life, and look, there are many huh :D

    - Oh, and I'm sorry if there are errors in the text, but I don't speak English.

    - If you have questions about me or about that past life, you can ask, as I will answer as much as possible from my human knowledge.
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