Where is the Church in our time of need?

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    The tenets of the Church of England have never been set in stone. But the changes there have been over the years have mostly served to distance it further from the teachings of its founder, Jesus. Today, however, with the devastation being wrought upon so many lives by the coronavirus, one would have thought it might at last have engaged with developments in our present understanding of reality which offer real hope today to the dying and the bereaved.

    In particular, improvements in medical resuscitation have led to countless people undergoing near-death experiences but living to tell the tale. Time and again their recoveries have been marked by the same vivid descriptions of a beautiful domain beyond our own, the survival of consciousness, and reunions with loved-ones they had not expected to ever see again.

    Many books have been written about these cases. But one in particular, published in 2012, caused a stir which even the clergy’s dismissive silence on matters of this sort was unable to quell. For this time the patient was himself a neurosurgeon. And he had been struck down by a rare form of bacterial meningitis from which there was thought to be simply no chance of recovery. Up till then, Dr. Eben Alexander had been a hard-line materialist. But his survival not only saved his life but changed his whole philosophy of what living meant. The book he wrote about it was called “Proof of Heaven” and it became a best-seller.

    If that was not enough, perhaps the more recent mounting evidence for reincarnation offers the most persuasive proof for survival beyond the grave. Already accepted by most of the world’s religions but still dismissed out of hand in the West, it has recently been the subject of several American television series, subsequently shown on the United Kingdom’s Really channel. What is so remarkable about them is that they describe the experiences of children who begin to refer to their earlier lives as soon as they are able to speak.

    Again, there is a consistent pattern to these accounts, witnessed by family members, friends and by the children themselves - some now in their late teens. In many cases confirmation of their stories has come from outside research. One case was that of a designer on the Titanic, still struggling with the guilt he felt after being forced to take short-cuts on safety issues in order to meet the owner’s deadline demands. Another had been the chief writer on the screenplay for “Gone With The Wind,” killed in a tractor accident on his farm and subsequently awarded a posthumous Oscar. Extracts from these programmes can still be found on-line under the title “The Ghost Inside My Child.”

    The Bible itself describes the difficulty Jesus encountered in persuading even his disciples of his spiritual survival after his own appalling physical death upon the cross. If the Church of England can at last set aside its long out-dated prejudices regarding these matters, perhaps at this crucial moment in our history after two-thousand years we can at last begin to make some progress.
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    Well said, Mike. After a lifetime of churchgoing, I still wouldn't dare to tell anyone there of my secret past. I have no idea what the response would be, but probably it would ruin my credibility and I'd never be taken seriously again!
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    Hi Mike, and welcome to the forum, we're glad you found us. I agree with what you've written and often wonder why mainstream society doesn't "get it". I think the cases FOR reincarnation in the news today, the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, Carol Bowman and other modern pioneers, and certainly, the religious history of reincarnation should lend it a more credible reputation. For me it is a beautiful part of our exsistence. ~Tman
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    Seriously. I currently work for a church and I'd never dream of telling them about my experiences involving reincarnation. They wouldn't fire me, but they'd probably think I'd lost my mind.
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