why Amy doesn't like fireworks!

Discussion in 'Children's Past Lives -Age 7 & under' started by Jules1995, Aug 23, 2005.

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    despite being born on 6th November (day after Guy Fawkes Day in the UK) my youngest daughter is terrified of fireworks and has an obsession with everything to do with fire (alarms, fire engines, fire exits even). When she was 4 her Grandmother asked her why she was frightened of fireworks. Amy replied, in a very "Why don't you know this anyway" type of tone that when she was a man "before" she had been in hospital and the building had caught fire. She described "fireworks" coming out of the walls, which must be a fairly accurate description of what happens when a building with oxygen piped through it's walls catches fire. The person she was describing died in this fire.
    My poor mother-in-law has never really recovered from asking the question!!!! :eek:
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    Hi Jules1995,

    Welcome to the forum! Thank you for sharing Amy's past life experience with us. It truly amazes me how much we can learn from children. They are simply fascinating little creatures. :D Has Amy mentioned anything else about that lifetime, or any others?

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    Hello Jules1995 and welcome to the forum! :)

    It certainly sounds like your Amy remembers a past life. Was this the only time she has talked about it? How old is she now?

    If you didn't write her story down, I suggest you do it now with as much detail as possible. She will probably appreciate it later and it might help her remember more.

    It's a good thing she apparently is not drawn to fire - some children that have died in a fire in a past life are, and it could be dangerous.

    Please let us know more about Amy and you - people here are always interested in past life memories!


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