How I found comfort in Reincarnation.

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    I wracked my brain to try and think where to put this and finally settled on the "Reincarnation Questions" section because it involved a question, more or less, so please feel free to move it if it doesn’t fit here.

    I do realize that in spite of physically being children, they may in fact be “Old Souls” so to speak, and so perhaps my tender feelings and concerns for children may be misplaced, because most in fact, are as mature and “Adult Like” as I am, for in the sum total of an average lifetime, they are children for only a short time.

    However I can’t help feeling this way, for these calls involving children were always the worst for me, but no matter what it was, if they suffered, I hurt too.

    I've had a few bad calls in my time, this one was so bad, it even affected me from inside the future 911 center, I got too close to the fire on this one, it is real difficult to tell you of this call, I can get emotional just remembering it.

    It was in the Summer and I had a dual drowning telephone call, Brother later died and Sister lived, Sister may have pushed the boy in, I tried to give CPR instructions to the frantic parents to no avail, no matter who lived or died, it was a tough call, they kept the boy on the ventilator for a month until the Hospital insisted he be removed, no kidding, he was starting to decompose I was told!

    The ONLY thing that kept all of this madness in perspective was my belief in Reincarnation and Past Lives and knowing that no matter how one died, there was a reason for that short life and the manner of their death, among other things.

    This was before Stress Debriefings, so there was no telling or venting of your feelings, so some guys "bottled" it up inside and in the meantime it was eating them from the inside out.

    Otherwise, like some of my colleagues, I would have found solace in some type of substance or chemical that could of harmed me, so my belief in PL’s has helped me find comfort and stability in my life!

    So I guess my "much asked" question is, has your belief in Reincarnation and Past Lives brought you comfort in this lifetime?
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    I can't even imagine how horrible something like that must be.


    Yes, reincarnation has brought me immense comfort in my life. Mainly because before I got into it I was suffering from sever depression, but as I went on a sort of 'path to discovery' and really found out about it (I always thought it existed growing up but never really got too far into it) I became a much happier and in tuned person. The depression still gets to me at times (and it really gets to me) but I'm more often happy than not, and that's wonderful.
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    I too cannot even begin to imagine how horrible something like that must be for the responders who are called on to help. I think that's an aspect a lot of people don't think of, but the men and women who are in the rescue field have to have such an immense emotional burden seeing all they do on a daily basis. It gives an even deeper appreciation for those who are in those lines of work.

    Have I found comfort in reincarnation? Kind of. The thing that has been the biggest comfort is having my belief in the afterlife bolstered. Prior to opening up to reincarnation more, I was having a 'crisis of faith' in a way ... it hit me one day that everything I had believed prior could be explained away and disproved (sort of a hit in the gut when I actually looked for the basis of my 'beliefs' and realized they were based on untruths). I felt even more alone and as though there was no point to humankind even existing. Then I looked in to reincarnation more, and it was sort of like one of those "ah ha" moments. That was comforting knowing that the essence of who we are lives on.

    I say "pretty much" simply because of what I don't understand. No one knows definitively what happens after death, or the details of how things work, and that part leaves me feeling a little uneasy still.
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    Wow, I think that would affect just about anyone who had a heart! :(

    My answer is an absolute YES. :thumbsup: I seem to be a very 'old' soul who remembers a lot...And remembering my past lives and my belief in reincarnation has helped me understand myself and where these past life thoughts, feelings, dreams & memories were coming from. :thumbsup:
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    My belief in reincarnation has provided me great comfort and a framework on which to assemble acceptable reasons for the events we encounter in this lifetime.

    It has enabled me to understand not only seemingly senseless deaths, tragedies and catastrophies, but it has allowed me to better understand my relationships with those I love, those I dislike and even those to whom I am indifferent. Further, the knowledge of an eternal soul and continuous relationships with those I love bring me solace in the worst of times and confidence in the best.

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