Once we die, are we still us?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Wishhhhh, Jul 19, 2018.

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    Hello :) this is my 3rd thread and I thought about this question while I was doing chores.

    So, once we die, are we still us? What I mean is that like you know how we have our own sight, how we can see through our eyes and how we control our body. Is that still the same in spirit form? I know we might think differently but can we still control ourselves and experience and see what the afterlife is like? Or does our system shut down in complete darkness until our next life is planned out?

    I know that we don't know for sure for it is not proven but I would like to hear your guys theory in all this. :) Good day!
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    In my experience we are still us when we die, but we are our higher selves so we are more aware than we were on Earth.

    In my experience in the afterlife all thought becomes manifest, but most souls are at peace so it could be considered some kind of Heaven. We are more aware when we are dead, not less aware, so we don't just shut down in darkness.

    This is my experience though, not a theory I have. Others are free to disagree but I can only go by my own experience.
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    In my experience,I think we are still us! I mean our higher selves.My sister had a dream that she died in world war 2,and that I was a spirit who came to comfort her.It was a strange dream at first.But since then we have found evidence that I was her older brother in that life,and I died first.Which explains why I came back to help her as she died.Its crazy but that makes me think we do exist in-between lives!
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    It depends on how we define "us". For a person who believes that he/she is the body, mind and emotions it is different than for someone who connected to the authentic self and Higher Self. Because we do leave the body and rational mind behind, so that the thinking and feeling are somewhat different after death.

    For example, Robert Monroe explored the afterlife in out-of-body-experiences and he writes that many people do not fully "wake up" in the afterlife - so if someone had strong beliefs about what happens after they die, they tend to experience this until they reincarnate.

    Others, who did wake up, have a different experience according to him - in that they are no longer stuck in those illusions.
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