Thoughts Can Kill?

Discussion in 'SCIENTIFIC and ANECDOTAL research' started by Nightrain, Aug 4, 2010.

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    A recent article in Science News, "Violent Dreams May Predict Illness in Advance", research has found a correlation between violent dreams and the eventual development of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson's or Lewy Body Dementia as much as 15 to 25 years later, and in 80% to 100% of cases studied in males, who appear most vulnerable.

    This staggering report brings to mind an interesting observation that negative thoughts may seem to have a physical effect on the human body, which is as close to validating what some call pseudo-science. Of course, sleep expert Carlos Schenck of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center in Minneapolis may not have intended to imply such a connection, but he can't seem to offer a materialistic explanation.

    Could there be one? Or, could this study be added evidence of our power to change physical things with our thoughts? And would this news also encourage sufferers of violent dreams to try meditation?
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    Well I certainly believe that negative thinking can be a detriment to a physical body....I don't know that a few violent dreams would bring on such serious illness. The body may be trying to tell you in a dream that you are becoming ill but to tell you 20 earlier than the onset of the disease would have to smack of pre-cognition...wouldn't it?

    Negative thinking is a terrible thing in itself and having to constantly be in the company of a very negative person is pure torture. My late husband was such a person sadly....He was probably attracted to me because I am usually a very happy person ...big smiler and laugh easily

    I think meditation is very healthy for ALL people.

    It's not only healthy for you but it also lifts your spirits.

    I would hope this study proves to be false because I would hate to believe we have to worry about every violent dream anybody ever had and what they might develope in the future

    I never ever remember dreaming a violent dream and have not had a nightmare since I was 5 or 6....Thank God....
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    Hi guys

    I have been reading posts and just enjoying them. But this caught my attention.

    I do not see it at being a negative person or anything. I never put them together in this way and don’t know if they are associated or not.

    Since I was a little girl I used to dream that I was walking home or some where and my legs would feel like I was walking in quicksand and not move much. I was not in pain awake or while asleep. Anyway yrs later when I was about 30yrs old I found out I had little amounts of liquid in my joints (legs and back). I am not in pain because of it. But I can not run because my legs just stop in there tracks and I fall flat on my face. OUCH!! I can walk fast if I want to, just not run.

    These dreams were not scary or nightmares. I have not dreamed them in a long time. I even forgot about them.

    Are they related? I don't know, but it is interesting.
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    Wouldn't this be considered viable under the law of attraction? Not so much that our bad dreams force ill health, but focusing on the terrifying aspects of the bad dreams and attracting those feelings/effects/illnesses in a conscious, intense manner. Likewise, focusing on good health, joy and happiness manifests those experiences. It has certainly worked in my experience...there are certain things and experiences I want no part of and have been quite successful at not getting them.

    Can meditation be bad at anytime?
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    Negative thoughts

    hello Nightrain

    I think the daily frequency of the negative thoughts can lead us to damage our minds and it may cause some different diseases in a short period of the time, not after years .Depression for exemple is one kind of desease that might begin from bad thinking .I believe everyone has the possibilty to change many situation just with positive thought.


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